Inside Big Data with Steve Yurko, APEX Analytix CEO

apexanalytix Is “Doubling Down” on Big Data

insideBIGDATA: How will companies change their approach to big data in 2020?

Reporter Daniel Gutierrez of insideBIGDATA recently caught up with Steve Yurko, CEO of apexanalytix, to discuss the 2020 landscape for big data technology. “This year we’ll see organizations add value in the decision-making process with insights mined from big data analysis,” Yurko predicted.

He also said apexanalytix is “doubling down” on using big data to help customers operate more effectively – from improving risk management to better managing vendor relationships.

“Data is the driving force of present-day business decisions,” Yurko said. “We view this as a huge opportunity to not only give customers access to high quality data, but to take it a step further by making sense of this data and using it to add value in the decision-making process.”

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