Protect Against Fraud with Technology Infographic Image
06.29.17 Infographic

Why You Should Protect Your Business Against Fraud with Technology

Fraud Scams Are Growing Both in Frequency and in Sophistication, Globally

Learn the latest in fraud trends in procure to pay and why traditional protections are not enough. According to the ACFE 2016 “Report to the Nations," companies using proactive fraud monitoring experience faster fraud detection and lower losses.

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Top 5 P2P Priorities Infographic Image
06.23.17 Infographic

Top 5 P2P Priorities for 2017

Financial Leaders Discuss: Top Five P2P Priorities for 2017

From investments in supplier information management and vendor portals, to adopting working capital initiatives and much more, 90 senior executives gathered with APEX Analytix to discuss what they’ll be prioritizing this year.

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Supplier Portal User Experience Infographic Image
08.03.16 Infographic

Creating a Seamless Supplier Portal User Experience

E-invoicing Capabilities Can Extend Returns on Supplier Portal Investment

A supplier portal can make a huge impact on any global financial organization. Companies using portal technology for supplier onboarding, supplier self-service, reporting and discounting can experience significant, bottom-line benefits – from lower costs and risks to improved insights that benefit future contract negotiations. To extend the returns on their supplier portal investment even further, many companies are now adding e-invoicing capabilities.

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Transactional Data Infographic Image
06.28.16 Infographic

Transactional Data

Are You Getting Maximum Value from Your Transactional Data?

Today’s businesses collect huge volumes of transactional data, much of it found in vendor master files and payables databases. But are you getting maximum value out of what you collect? Adding specialized analytics and big data expertise to your operations can help you get the most out of the data you own – managing your spend more effectively.

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5 Quick Wins Infographic Image
06.28.16 Infographic

Break Through P2P Performance Barriers

Five “Quick Wins” That Can Help Your Team Break Through P2P Performance Barriers

These five best practices – culled from some of the industry’s largest and most successful procure-to-pay teams – can help you break through barriers and move your operations from “good” to “great.”

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Changing Retail Landscape Infographic Image
04.25.16 Infographic

The Changing Retail Landscape

Business Systems Haven't Kept Pace with Business Needs

In an Aberdeen Group study, nearly half of retailers said their business systems are inadequate to support the new ways they do business.

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Driving Value Through Procurement Infographic Image
04.09.16 Infographic

Companies Drive Value Through Procurement

Capturing Negotiated Savings, Reducing Supplier Risk and Improving Supplier Relations

Are you using the procurement data your company gathers to its maximum benefit? Companies who harness and analyze that data effectively are able to make smarter, better-informed decisions that benefit their business in significant new ways.

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Optimizing Technology Using Consulting Infographic Image
04.07.16 Infographic

Optimizing Your Technology Investment

Using Consulting

Procure-to-pay teams struggling to manage an exponential growth in data, see technology as the answer. During a crowdsourced workshop led by APEX Analytix, procure-to-pay leaders discussed the expectations gap, the top implementation barriers and the typical project failures. Learn the top three solutions experts say are key steps companies can take to make certain they get the most out of their technology investment.

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