11.03.16 Brochure

FirstStrike® Retail Brochure

Safeguard Disbursements and Improve Profitability

Retail is a high-stakes arena with large transaction volumes and razor-thin margins. That means problems like missed allowances and pricing errors can easily erode corporate profits. Until now, the common solution has been a lengthy, labor-intensive audit to uncover problems and recover funds. Want to know more?

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Global Audit Services Brochure

Delivering Measurable Returns

The global business environment has never been more challenging. Companies are faced with increased competition, growing profit pressures and operations that routinely span multiple country borders and currencies. APEX Analytix recovery audit services can be an important tool in your profit-protection arsenal—helping you recapture overpayments, identify and resolve process issues and establish a baseline for continuous improvement in your financial performance. Want to know more?

09.20.16 Brochure

Sales and Use Tax Solutions Brochure

Comprehensive Approach to Streamlining Tax Management

Effectively managing tax considerations undoubtedly drives better bottom-line results. Unfortunately, though, there are barriers to overcome. Many companies are impeded by isolated systems, nonstandard processes and technology that simply isn’t up to the task. APEX Analytix offers a comprehensive family of multistate sales and use tax solutions to tame your complex tax challenges—each custom-fit to your precise needs. Want to know more?

09.20.16 Brochure

Supplier Portal: Dynamic Discounting Brochure

Improve Profitability by Optimizing Your Global Payables

Dynamic discounting is one of today’s hottest trends in procure-to-pay, and it’s easy to see why. Paying a net 30 invoice on day 10 in return for a 2 percent discount can produce a risk-free, annualized return of up to 37 percent. The challenge is how to mine data to identify, capture and manage discount opportunities for optimal results. That’s where the APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Supplier Portal excels. Want to know more?

09.20.16 Brochure

SmartVM™ Brochure

The Most Efficient Way to Improve Your Vendor Master

Vendor master files are the foundation of everything that happens in procure to pay – from who gets paid to how and when. APEX Analytix SmartVM™ Vendor Master Cleansing and Enrichment Services can help you mitigate risks and eliminate costly vendor master gaps. Want to learn more?

09.20.16 Brochure

Global Retail Audit Solutions Brochure

Achieve More Recoveries in Less Time

Intense competition and an unrelenting focus on cost control have transformed the retail marketplace. Forward-thinking companies are upending the status quo and using the post-disbursement audit to make a direct and measurable contribution to their company’s financial performance. Want to know more?

09.20.16 Brochure

Supplier Portal: Registration Brochure

Customized Automated Onboarding

A supplier portal can help you manage one of your enterprise’s most important assets. By capturing timely and accurate supplier data, you can strengthen compliance and fraud controls, reduce costs and establish a sound foundation for your supplier management strategy. Our APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Supplier Portal gives you the expert technology you need to quickly automate supplier registration processes, including enrollment, data validation and accounts payable approvals. Want to learn more?

09.20.16 Brochure

FirstStrike® Fraud Detect Brochure

Continuous Automated Protection

Today’s technology-driven business environment can be a haven for fraud perpetrators who are eager to strip unsuspecting companies of valuable financial assets. Nowhere are the challenges greater than in the procure-to-pay cycle, where unscrupulous vendors and employees can cost you dearly. APEX Analytix FirstStrike Fraud Detect can help by evaluating your risks and producing the actionable information you need to intervene. Want to know more?