Achieve More Recoveries in Less Time with Our Retail Merchandise Audit Services

APEX Analytix retail recovery audit services are especially tailored for the complex retail industry– helping you quickly improve your cash flow and boost your profitability.

With our innovative retail audit technology, APEX Analytix auditors can go beyond the obvious to take a holistic look at both the merchandise and expense side of your spending, companywide. We can shorten audit cycle times and pursue recoveries across all aspects of your global operations, including accounts payable, pricing, promotions, vendor allowances, freight, inventory, deal terms, sales, warehouse movements and more.

Our flexible engagement model lets you select the type and level of retail recovery audit support you need – whether turnkey services, a merchandise review only, or retail post-audit support for your own internal audit operations. In each instance you benefit from a team experienced in managing large corporate data sets to identify losses and produce optimal results.

To ensure a long-lasting impact, we deliver comprehensive reports you can use to make process improvements that will benefit your company for years to come. Our end-of-audit management assessment report includes audit findings and recommendations for process changes to protect against future losses. You can use our strategic sourcing analysis to consolidate suppliers and negotiate reduced prices for both merchandise and expense purchases. And our vendor analysis helps you control risk exposure to protect both your brand and your bottom line.

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Our Technology Advantage

  • Retail recovery audit processes powered by APEX Archimedes™ artificial intelligence capabilities and backed by our team of data scientists.
  • Predictive analytics that help us focus our efforts and achieve rapid results. 
  • Scripts that allow us to extract data automatically from any standard or homegrown procure-to-pay platform. 
  • Automated skip-tracing, integrated dialing and microtargeting to accelerate supplier outreach. 
  • The APEX Analytix Audit View portal for 24/7, transparent access to real-time audit data and results.

Our Process Advantage

  • A Global Center of Excellence focused on carefully honed, consistent processes that help you get more out of your retail recovery audit engagement. 
  • A SmartVM® database of more than 20 million global vendor records with validated points of contact so we can quickly engage vendors, even when you don’t have contact details.
  • A multistep validation process that produces a 98%-plus claim “stick rate.”
  • End-of-audit reports that inform decision-making, show you the root causes of errors and suggest new controls that can prevent future losses.

Our Experience Advantage

  • Protecting $4.6 trillion in annual spend globally.
  • More than 10 million supplier interactions annually.
  • A specialized team of vendor statement analysts, supplier relations specialists and project managers who know how to identify and recover losses while protecting valuable supplier relationships.
  • Fluency in 20 languages, covering 98% of global trade.

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Broaden Your Recoveries with Comprehensive Global Audit Services

  • Accounts payable audits and supplier statement audits to help you find and recoup duplicate payments, missed discounts, uncaptured vendor statement credits and more.
  • Retail merchandise audit services that shorten audit cycle times and help you recover overpayments across all aspects of your retail operations – from accounts payable, pricing and promotions to vendor allowances, freight, inventory and deal terms. Learn More.
  • Pricing and contract compliance audits that explore your direct and indirect spend to ensure negotiated prices and terms are making their way to your bottom line. Learn More.
  • Pre-escheatment and unclaimed property recovery to help you recover unclaimed property, avoid fines and keep funds from being escheated to government authorities. Learn More.
  • An audit of taxes paid on goods and services to help you recover any overpayments, identify your potential exposure and prepare a rigorous, fact-based defense for tax authorities. Learn More.
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04.12.18 Product Overview

APEX Recovery: Retail Audit Services

Achieve More Recoveries in Less Time

Innovations are commonplace in today’s highly competitive, global retail marketplace. It should be no surprise that the same spirit of innovation is making its way into the post-disbursement audit arena. Forward-thinking retailers are partnering with our recovery auditors to shorten audit cycle times, identify new controls, expand into new audit arenas and mine data for critical insights that can improve financial performance.

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Retail Audit Solutions Brochure Cover Image
01.22.18 Brochure

APEX Recovery: Global Retail Audit Solutions Brochure

Achieve More Recoveries in Less Time

Intense competition and an unrelenting focus on cost control have transformed the retail marketplace. Forward-thinking companies are upending the status quo and using the post-disbursement audit to make a direct and measurable contribution to their company’s financial performance. Want to know more?

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Retail Profitability Five Tips to Boost Audit Recoveries White Paper Cover Image
08.01.17 White Paper

How to Improve Retail Profitability

Reduce the Cost of Claims and Prevent Future Losses

Most retailers conduct routine after-the-transaction audits to uncover errors, recover losses and improve their bottom line. But top performers are discovering the best results require breaking free of tradition and adopting the right tools and techniques.

Get five tips that can help you take a new look at your approach to a retail recovery audit and put you on the path to improved profitability.

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Use our technology-enabled services to shorten audit cycle times, pursue recoveries and identify new controls.