Pre-Escheatment Prevention

Reduce Your Risks with Technology-Enabled Services

Many governing bodies consider escheatment of unclaimed property to be an important revenue stream. They are shortening the escheatment window, stepping up audit activity and issuing more fines—often costing companies millions.

APEX Analytix offers comprehensive, technology-enabled services to help you avoid government fines and keep funds from being escheated to the state. Our experts reduce your risks by identifying and resolving uncashed payments across the breadth of your operations – producing documentation able to withstand even the most rigorous regulatory audits.

Remove the Complexity

Escheatment compliance is a complex specialty, with wide variation in regulations governing dormancy periods, compliance requirements, reporting forms, exemptions and more. APEX Analytix uses industry-leading FirstStrike software analytics to remove the complexity and reduce your risks across all the jurisdictions where you do business.

The APEX Analytix Advantage

  • A comprehensive, holistic review that spans all your payment systems and invoices.
  • Analytics that help us quickly isolate uncashed checks and rejected electronic payments.
  • Vendor outreach to research, resolve and categorize each unclaimed disbursement.
  • Thorough documentation of payments to be voided and obligations to be remitted under various escheatment statutes.
  • Root cause analysis to reduce future exposure.
  • A global center of excellence to continuously improve our processes so you benefit from our decades of experience.