Optimize Negotiated Contract Benefits

Stop the Hidden Profit Drain

Negotiating beneficial contract terms with your suppliers can take a concentrated effort by your procure-to-pay team. Once a contract is finalized, though, compliance with those hard-won terms can often fall by the wayside.

APEX Analytix offers expert global contract compliance reviews to ensure negotiated savings are being captured and benefit your bottom line. Experts audit your indirect spend to help you identify a broad range of compliance issues that can silently erode your profitability—including unauthorized billings, pricing errors, uncaptured discounts and a host of other lurking variances. Sophisticated analytics help us quickly review transactions and contracts from across your operations, gather source information from suppliers and build lock-tight claims.

We not only help you recover lost profits, but also mitigate future risks by identifying areas for process improvement. The comprehensive audit reports we produce can be used to inform business decisions and strategy, tighten process controls, strengthen future contracts and build mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships with your suppliers.

Optimize Value Across Multiple Types of Spending with APEX Analytix Global Compliance Solutions

Prevent losses and optimize value across both your direct and indirect spend

APEX Analytix has expert people, processes and software analytics to help you address even your toughest global compliance challenges – producing breakthrough results that can transform your operations and improve your profitability. We help you identify and recover losses and steadily build new value across many distinct types of corporate spending. APEX Analytix is your one-stop shop for identifying and recovering losses across many distinct types of corporate spending.

  • Direct Spend: Our pricing compliance experts help you find and recover losses associated with direct spending in support of product production.
  • Indirect Spend: We provide multiple services through APEX Analytix experts and partners.
    • Our contract compliance experts help you find and recover losses associated with indirect spending in support of the general operation of your business.
    • Our advertising and media compliance partner Firm Decisions helps us determine whether the complex advertising and media invoices you receive match actual approved expenditures.
    • Our utility and business services compliance partner Tryon Clear View helps us uncover errors lurking in bills for routine services – from phone, power and data to package delivery.

 The APEX Analytix Advantage

  • Experts highly experienced in contract compliance and supplier relationship management
  • Powerful APEX Analytix FirstStrike® analytics for data mining, analysis and reporting
  • A comprehensive review of your transactions
  • A FirstStrike Audit View portal for 24/7 access to the work performed on your behalf