Spend Analysis

The data for a thorough spend analysis already exists in your databases. It’s just a matter of getting to the data.

What APEX Analytix does is give you access to that data in a consistent, slimmed-down, well-organized way that fosters deeper, cross-departmental analysis, highlights opportunities and empowers high-value money saving action.

Whether you wish to analyze your global commodity spending, track diversity spending, isolate pricing discrepancies, quantify missed rebates, track corporate leakage across a supply base, highlight duplicate vendors, study cash flow, or other analyses, you can do all this and more with functions built into FirstStrike® software.

Using APEX Analytix, you’ll make 100 percent of your global spend visible, down to individual line-item details, no matter which – or how many – separate procurement systems your organization uses, including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, J. D. Edwards®, GEAC® and legacy systems.  Plus, we can consolidate your spending information and put it all at your fingertips in hard copy or electronic eBinder reports. A breakdown of spending by category is represented in a graphical format, with drill-through capability on each segment.