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Get to know the single, central supplier hub for easy and efficient supplier management.


"Last year, we discovered one of our suppliers was committing fraud..."

Learn how apexportal stops payment fraud and manages supplier risk.

Supplier Risk Management

Unleash your inner control freak.

Segment suppliers, assess relevant threats, and trigger protective measures automatically.








Supplier Identity

Who are you really?

Are you on a Global Prohibited Entity List?

Was your profile accessed from a Nigerian IP Address?

Are any of your employees a Politically Exposed Person?

Has a fraudster compromised your Bank Account?

APEX Global Insight

Auto-focus... AI enabled.

Operationalize news articles like never before with IBM Watson Discovery News and Natural Language Processing.

300,000 articles read and scored everyday to discover and alert you to threats in your supply chain.


With Watson is a trademark of IBM Corp. registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Don’t let a fox in the henhouse.

With the apexportal, you can integrate risk management into the earliest stages of the supplier life cycle, from pre-qualification to onboarding. The earlier the better—identify, address, protect.


Nicest ties in the office $40M in fraudulent payments.