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Defend your supply chain.

Comprehensive supplier cyber risk monitoring and management.

CyberPro is an automated cybersecurity monitoring of your entire supply chain. Powered by AI. Built into the world’s most complete supplier risk management solution.

The impact of a supply chain attack.

The consequences of a supply chain attack can be crippling for any business. In addition to potentially devastating financial losses, there are long-term risks to consider, including reputational damage, legal liabilities, compromised data and potential reductions in credit ratings.

307 Days

Data breaches originating in the supply chain take 233 days to identify and another 74 to contain


Global average cost of data breaches in 2022 — a 15% increase in 3 years


15% of organizations identified a supply chain compromise as the source of a data breach


Multi-party data breaches create 26 times the financial damage of a single-party breach

Comprehensive supplier cyber vulnerability monitoring and threat risk management.

Whether it is a ransomware attack, business email compromise (BEC) scam or a data breach, CyberPro scans the open and hidden internet to alert you of your supplier’s cyber risk that could disrupt your supply chain and defraud your company.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Uncover weak points within a company’s digital security systems that could impact your supplier ecosystem.

  • Breached and exposed email addresses
  • Blacklisted email servers
  • Insecure cloud storage
  • Website security errors
  • Open/closed data ports
  • Domain reputation and infringements

Cyber Risk Scoring

Continuously monitor suppliers’ cyber risk aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • 31-point test organized into 7 categories of risk: Exposure, Connections, Privacy, HTTP(S), DNS, Blacklist, Audit, and Ports
  • Scores are automatically populated based on pre-configured risk tolerance thresholds and can be easily updated to company requirements

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Get ahead of cyber incidents with real-time updates on active data breaches affecting your suppliers.

  • Dark web scanning and threat monitoring for an entire supplier ecosystem
  • Risk-adjusted alert system that notifies your team when it matters most

Prevent supply chain attacks before they strike.

28 Days

Organizations using threat intelligence identified breaches 28 days faster than those without it


Organizations with risk-based vulnerability management spent nearly $500k less on

Align supplier cybersecurity management with overall risk mitigation strategy.

  • Share a consistent viewpoint of supply chain cyber risk position with cross-functional teams
  • Provide layered reporting valuable to stakeholder groups

Collaborate with existing and future suppliers on cyber risk concerns.

  • Provide high-risk suppliers with cybersecurity reporting to encourage a faster transition to compliance
  • Create transparency and trust in the supplier relationship

Automate every supplier cyber risk assessment.

  • Automatically and continuously monitor your supplier ecosystem for cyber risk
  • Receive alerts based on your organization’s risk tolerance

Prevent fraud and financial risk while protecting third party vendors and their supplier ecosystem.

  • See activity on the dark web in real-time discussing your company or suppliers
  • Get alerts when a supplier is breached to respond quickly before a supply chain attack is carried out

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Automatically verify suppliers' insurance

Ensure compliance

throughout the entire policy lifestyle.

Integrated into supplier onboarding

Reduce COI verification costs


of business insurances in the US and Canada.

Automated workflows

to quickly remediate insurance gaps.

Continuously monitor coverage

Automated alerts

InsurancePro powered by apexportal®

Automated Supplier Onboarding


Dynamic Discounting

Risk and Fraud Management

Supplier-Facing Portal

Validate data in

real time

Avoid fraud with

Layers of

Validate data in


data sources

including tax ID, bank account ownership, prohibited lists, business status, diversity status, and insurance coverage.

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