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Point to the Passer

A program to personally thank people who created sales meetings for apex.

A standard of excellence

Our "you before me" culture is what makes apexanalytix thrive. Putting our clients success in front of our success creates real impact for our clients. And they help us out a lot – referrals, webinars, trade shows and conversations we never know about.

Point to the Passer is an initiative to make sure that we personally thank people who help create a sales meeting. It could be a client or an analyst, former colleague, partner or really anyone.

Recommending apexanalytix is a huge compliment and can have a material impact to our business. We want to make sure that we personally thank everyone that creates the opportunity for a sale.

This idea of pointing to the passer was created by Dean Smith – the legendary UNC basketball coach with 2 national championships, 11 Final Four appearances and 879 wins. When you score a basket, simply point to the person who passed you the ball. Acknowledge that they helped create the opportunity.

When someone creates a sales meeting for apexanalytix, fill out the form below and we will make sure that they are personally thanked by one of our senior leaders.

Point to the Passer

"Pointing at the player who made the pass showed appreciation for an unselfish act that helps the team."

– Dean Smith

UNC Coach (1960-1997)

Point to the Passer

Who made a difference today?

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