“Where APEX’s supplier management capabilities are a perfect match is for customers who are primarily interested in data integrity, financial security, controls and fraud prevention. These types of organizations will find it a great fit even in cases where they have other source-to-pay (and even supplier management) platforms already. And if they do not, we could not think of a better place to start on the supplier management and compliance journey than capturing, validating and maintaining accurate supplier information.”

- Spend Matters APEX Analytix: Vendor Snapshot by Michael Lamoureux, Consulting Lead Analyst, and Jason Busch, Founder of Spend Matters

Extensive supplier database

SmartVM automatically compares each field in your vendor master database to more than 2 billion records from 650+ public and private sources, creating a comprehensive tool to keep your vendor master accurate and up to date.

Validation is performed in real time and includes everything needed to create a touchless supplier onboarding and management process.

  • Supplier banking information
  • Tax IDs/VAT registration numbers
  • Global addresses
  • Minority/diversity statuses
  • Industry codes
  • Prohibited watchlists

Continuously updated data

SmartVM contains over 20 million records that have been compiled through direct interaction with suppliers for 250+ of the Global 2000. Our proprietary AI and advanced analytics technology assesses and scores each supplier data point to ensure validity.

Do you have missing contact info? SmartVM’s supplier data can easily be appended to your vendor master to accelerate your supplier communications.

Accurate, up-to-date information

The APEX Analytix audit recovery team constantly communicates with suppliers of 250+ of the Global 2000 across every industry. Verified, enriched, and scored supplier data from the leading commercial recovery audit team.

Up-to-date information accelerates supplier communication so you can automate supplier invoicing, gain discounts for early payments, or consolidate similar suppliers to reduce costs. Leverage your whole supplier ecosystem with SmartVM.