Cognitive Technology: Real-World Innovation

A revolution is underway in P2P! Meet apexarchimedes™, an advanced cognitive technology and innovation system, supported by IBM Watson®, and integrated into apexanalytix software and services to harness the power of the future through smarter recoveries, controls, analytics and working capital.

Built on the apex Cloud foundation – the fastest, most compliant and secure advanced technology platform in P2P – apexarchimedes combines artificial intelligence software capabilities including machine learning, robotic process automation and IBM Watson’s natural language processing. With this full-spectrum innovation system, Archimedes continuously learns, evaluates, predicts and executes to deliver financial impact.

Cash Discount Likelihood

Segmentation of suppliers based on the probability that they will accept discounts on invoices paid early.

Supplier Statement Score

Identification of suppliers most likely to have an open credit or duplicate payment on their statements.

Duplicate Payment Score

Predictive scoring of potential duplicate payments to automate and accelerate the recovery process.

Contact Score

Scoring of contacts to identify supplier personnel who can fast-track the recovery of duplicate payments and credits.

"Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world."
– Archimedes c. 287–c. 212 BC

AI Chat Bot


Supplier portal chat bot that can assist end-users with technical questions and support.

Image Recognition OCR Icon


Identification and verification of uploaded tax documents to confirm compliance based on regulation.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) Foundation Icon


Automated internet search to find and append missing supplier contact information.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Icon


Identify employee emails that contain critical details of purchase orders, cost changes and deals that could identify a potential over payment.

The Archimedes Center of Excellence

P2P Experts and Technology Innovators

Cognitive technology is a core competency at apexanalytix. For years, predictive analytics and robotics have been embedded into apexanalytix’s firststrike® and apexportal™ software. The result has been billions in measurable financial benefit for our clients each year through AP automation.

With the growing potential of new technologies, the Archimedes Center of Excellence team of data scientists, P2P practitioners and technology innovators is working aggressively to identify, prove and integrate more cognitive computing into all apexanalytix products where it will deliver measurable value to our clients.

Download the Archimedes Overview: What Is apexarchimedes™?