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apexportal® Fraud Detect

They are among us.

Advanced analytics and AI shut down
payment fraud that is slipping past your normal controls.

Payment fraud is going undetected in your company...

Although most fraud is easy to detect with standard controls, billions of dollars are still being lost every year.¹ Why?

Sophisticated criminals use social engineering, synthetic fraud and knowledge of your internal controls to fly under the radar.

And the longer the fraud runs, the greater the financial impact and damage to your reputation. ²

According to ACFE:



The average fraud runs 2 years before being detected.¹



The average loss per case is over $1.7 million.¹

Synthetic fraud

A new tactic that combines real supplier information with fraudulent details – like a criminal bank account – to bypass your controls.


Fraud Detect stops it

apexportal identifies fraud that would otherwise go undetected and blocks fraudulent payments before they go out the door. Then, it helps you build your case.


AI continuously analyzes

all your supplier profiles, transaction data, and signals from the apexanalytix global fraud monitoring community.

Alerts your team

to further investigate suspicious suppliers and provides the data required to catch the criminals.


Automatically blocks

fraudulent payments as soon as apexportal detects potential fraud.

1 ACFE, Report to the Nations: 2022 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.
2 apexanalytix, Benchmarks of Procure-to-Pay Best Practices.

Detecting the undetectable.

apexportal continuously analyzes supplier attributes, transaction patterns, and multi-enterprise fraud activity across the apex global community of clients.

Composite fraud scores identify suspicious behavior.

Supplier Identity Flags

(selected examples)

Transaction Flags

(selected examples)


Bank Ownership Ownership

Is this bank account legally owned by your supplier?


Employee Match

Does your supplier match an employee’s address or bank account?


Master Data Change Patterns

How recently was the bank account changed?


Tax Authority Check

Is this a real company? Are they still in business?


fraud flags


Benford’s Law

Do invoice amounts conflict with normal patterns?


Processing Activity

Has this invoice been keyed in at 2 AM on a holiday?


Escalating Invoice Amounts

Did invoice amounts jump after a few successful payments?


Consecutive Invoice Numbers

Are there consecutive invoice numbers? Are you their only client?


High Risk

Fraud Score

Partner with a
Global Fraud Monitoring Community

Over 100 companies use apexportal to manage more than 8 million suppliers.

Receive alerts when any of your suppliers get flagged as suspicious (or fraud is confirmed) anywhere across the apex community.


summary composite score

Automatically detect and block suspicious suppliers and payments

Actionable alerts


fraud flags

Detailed identity, transaction, and behavior analytics.

Global fraud monitoring community

Over 100 Global 2000 companies use apexportal to manage over 8 million suppliers.

Continuous fraud monitoring

across multiple systems.

Case management

to manage investigations, collaborate, and create case files.

employee- supplier collusion

including employee-supplier matches.

Bi-directional integration

with a secure open adapter for SAP, Oracle family of ERPs, Workday, and any other systems.

Highly configurable

scoring, workflows, alerts… anything you need.

Fraud Detect powered by apexportal®

Append and validate supplier information using


trusted data sources

including tax ID, bank account ownership, prohibited lists, business status, diversity status, and insurance coverage.

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