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Duplicate Payment Prevention


Prevent overpayments before they go out the door.

Prevent duplicate payments with
firststrike® AP Controls

You may assume your ERP controls are sufficient to protect against duplicate payments, but the facts show it simply isn’t true. apexanalytix recovery auditors routinely identify large and costly losses ERP systems fail to catch. Here are just a few of the many potential sources of uncaptured errors:

  • Invoices with similar numbers (5678/567B/5-678/5678A, etc.)
  • Invoices processed to duplicate vendor records
  • Invoices processed both electronically and manually
  • Blanket orders
  • Invoices with no purchase order approved twice
  • Duplicate goods receipts
  • Evaluated receipt settlement errors
  • Unprocessed returns

With apexanalytix firststrike® software, you have the powerful duplicate payment protections you need. Our analytics are engineered to detect and prevent a wide range of overpayment errors and to place powerful new insights at your fingertips.

Move past detection into prevention: Often the first invoice of a duplicate pair is the item entered incorrectly. With our advanced outlier analysis, firststrike can detect the error and predict a duplicate before the second invoice arrives.

The proof of firststrike’s value is in the bottom line. Last year, companies using the software prevented $2 billion in overpayments. Most achieved a full return on their investment within days or weeks of adding firststrike to their operations. They have the tools they need to detect and prevent duplicates and other overpayments and can make transformative business decisions by achieving a single, consolidated view into previously isolated data repositories.

Groundbreaking features…
  • Provides continuous, proactive monitoring to detect duplicate payments, overpayments and AP invoice outliers across multiple systems and data formats.
  • Supports AP post-audit analysis of large volumes of data to identify historical payment errors and automatically generate claims.
  • Prebuilt interfaces extract, consolidate and analyze data from any ERP system or homegrown legacy application.
  • Leverages innovative cognitive technology, including predictive analytics, robotics, and IBM Watson®.
  • Incorporates an extensive library of audit-tested filters to identify AP outliers that are outside the norm.
  • Produces a clear, actionable results workbench, prioritized by risk scores, so you can intervene before disbursements are made and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Displays metrics and reports in a convenient dashboard, with global selection criteria that let you “slice and dice” data and drill down into details.
  • Offers flexible deployment choices, whether you prefer licensed software or cloud-based services in the APEX Cloud.
…Groundbreaking outcomes
  • Proactively intervene and take quick action before disbursements are made.
  • Conduct your own AP post-audit review.
  • Make transformative business decisions by turning isolated data stores into actionable reports in seconds.
  • Isolate the root causes of errors and fix them once and for all.
  • Benchmark and monitor operational performance for continuous improvement.
  • Make better-informed decisions using data that is now at your fingertips.

With firststrike, the choice is yours

In addition to AP Controls, we offer other modules with the procure-to-pay controls and analytics you need to support your operations.

Fraud Detect: Prevent fraud, uncover employee collusion and determine whether you are doing business with risky suppliers. Learn More.

Retail Audit: Conduct a self-audit of your retail operations to uncover errors and recapture losses closer to the transaction date. Learn More.

Reporting and Analytics: Quickly transform large and unwieldy data stores into actionable information. Learn More.

“Operating on multiple AP platforms, firststrike is an invaluable tool for centralizing our various data points for analysis in one system. It is a must for any company looking to avoid significant duplicate dollar payments.”
– CAPP Supervisor, AP Global Financial Solutions, Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation

Powerful analytics detect and prevent payment errors and place powerful new insights at your fingertips.

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