FirstStrike® Procurement Performance Platform

Ensure That Negotiated Savings Benefit Your Bottom Line

Studies show hard-won price benefits negotiated by buyers often fail to materialize once goods and services begin to flow. Process gaps and communication lapses are often the culprit as information gets passed from function to function.

With the APEX Analytix FirstStrike Procurement Performance Platform, you will be poised to capture the savings your company has negotiated. We give you a single, consolidated view of procurement systems, accounts payable systems and vendor files – placing the information you need at your fingertips. You will be able to take a deeper dive into spend data, recover profits that might have been lost and make better-informed decisions that can improve your bottom line.

Analyze Compliance with Contract Terms

The FirstStrike Procurement Performance Platform helps you monitor transactions for compliance with negotiated contracts, purchase order discounts and deal terms. You can easily uncover errors in units of measure, prices, currencies and more. Functional workbench tools let you review and analyze potential overpayments.

Analyze Trends and Uncover New Insights

FirstStrike auditing software quickly transforms large, unwieldy data stores into actionable information. You can easily consolidate and analyze data from multiple systems, including both industry-standard platforms and home-grown systems. That means you will have a true, enterprise-wide view of your operations, including spending and pricing trends that can support strategic sourcing decisions. We've incorporated dozens of standard prebuilt reports with the ability to drill down from high level category spend, to the vendors that make up that spend, and all the way to invoice detail. The variety of reports provides you with insights, by line of business, by commodity, geography, and year to year comparative analysis by spend category and vendor. Additionally, you'll be able to build your own custom reports and get the results you need in seconds.

Analyze Diversity Compliance

If your company works for government agencies or educational organizations, a percentage of your goods and services must be purchased from minority-owned, women-owned, disabled business or small business enterprises. The FirstStrike Procurement Performance Platform helps you track vendors in each of those categories. You will see the percentage of your purchases they represent and can generate the reports you need to document compliance.

Track Vendor Metrics

FirstStrike auditing software makes it easy to establish, track and analyze a variety of metrics for your vendors. With just a few mouse clicks you can see how frequently you are using a given supplier and how they rank on the attributes that are important to you.

Features That Stand Out from the Pack

  • Compatible with any ERP platform
  • Easy to implement, with no costly or time-consuming integration required
  • Unparalleled reporting and metrics
  • Comprehensive security – from data encryption to rigorous access controls
  • Rapid return on investment