Duplicate Payment Prevention with FirstStrike®

Innovative Technology Used by the World’s Largest and Most Successful Companies

Payment mistakes happen in even the best-run global businesses. Flawed data, systems glitches, process weaknesses, human error and even fraud can take their toll. But APEX Analytix FirstStrike® software protects your bottom line. Powerful analytics detect and prevent payment errors and place powerful new insights at your fingertips.

Companies using FirstStrike have saved billions to date. In fact, many achieve a full return on their investment within days or weeks of adding FirstStrike to their operations. They are able to prevent overpayments and to make transformative business decisions by achieving a single, consolidated view into previously isolated data repositories.

The FirstStrike Advantage

  • Identify and prevent duplicate payments, fraud, paid credit memos, sales tax errors, pricing errors and more.
  • Analyze the root causes of errors and fix them for good.
  • Run reports in seconds to identify issues, uncover insights and inform decision making.
  • Track operational performance and benchmark against other best-in-class companies.
  • Achieve the transparency and proactive controls  required by Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulations
  • Analyze spending to achieve cost reductions from strategic sourcing.
  • Identify cash discount opportunities to improve profitability.

FirstStrike works with virtually any payment platform, whether commercial or homegrown. It is available as licensed software or as a cloud-based service hosted and maintained by APEX Analytix. In both instances you’ll find FirstStrike to be highly secure and easy to implement, with no costly or time-consuming integration required.

Today FirstStrike Safeguards More Than $2.6 Trillion in Global Disbursements.

“Operating on multiple AP platforms, FirstStrike is an invaluable tool for centralizing our various data points for analysis in one system. It is a must for any company looking to avoid significant duplicate dollar payments.”

– CAPP Supervisor, AP Global Financial Solutions, Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation


Preventing Duplicate Payments Cover Image
05.23.17 White Paper

Preventing Duplicate Payments

How the Right Technology Controls Deliver Lock-Tight Protection Against Disbursement Losses

Supplier payments are likely one of your company’s largest annual disbursements—and one of your greatest areas of risk. Duplicate payments and other disbursement errors can lurk undetected and significantly impact your profitability, without you ever knowing that anything has happened. Here are a few reasons why duplicate payments escape ERP controls and what you can do to protect your operations.

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