Bring Data Driven Intelligence to Your Strategic Plans with FirstStrike® Decision Support Applications

Strategic decision making requires a complex mix of internal and external data, insightful analytics and creative problem solving. Today’s best decision makers are removing the guesswork by leveraging powerful new decision support systems to inform and evaluate their next moves. Big data, artificial intelligence, cognitive analytics and scenario-based predictive analytics all play a part.

APEX Analytix has created a world-class suite of decision support applications (DSA) that are up to the challenge. Created by a team of industry experts, data scientists and statisticians, these powerful tools help you drive measurable value to your bottom line. You will be able to evaluate buyer performance, determine the true profitability of the products you sell and establish the most optimal payment terms for your suppliers – all using real-world data and business cases produced through powerful decision support analytics.

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FirstStrike Payment Terms Optimization DSA

Most retailers strive to boost profitability by paying for merchandise after it has been sold. Manufacturers try to pay for raw materials after they have been consumed by the production process. And all companies try to implement best-in-class payment terms across inventoried indirect spend. But how do you track whether a product remains on the shelf for longer than the negotiated payment term? The APEX Analytix FirstStrike Payment Terms Optimization DSA helps you get the informed answers you need. You will be empowered to track payment term trends and to evaluate how long it takes your inventory to turn – whether by supplier, product category or item. You can select a high-level overview or quickly drill down into supporting details.

To help you realize the greatest returns, our software rank-orders problem suppliers by the invoice value they represent, not just the gap between inventory (or benchmark) and payment terms. As a result, you can focus first on those changes that deliver the greatest bottom-line impact.

FirstStrike also equips you to conduct powerful “what if” analyses. Using what you learn, you can set the best possible payment terms for your suppliers based on inventory turns-to-terms data, best-in-class benchmarking and other supplier and line item characteristics. You can quickly try out changes on the fly and see the annualized impact on working capital, discount capture, and days payable outstanding (DPO).

FirstStrike Product Profitability DSA

Determining the actual profitability of items purchased for resale can be a complex undertaking. How do you know whether a particular product or product category is actually delivering the returns you expect?

The APEX Analytix FirstStrike Product Profitability DSA helps you quickly get the answers you need. This powerful decision support system brings together data on pricing, accounts receivable, post-audit claims, allowances and deal files so you have a complete, holistic picture of product costs and how they change over time. You can quickly determine your profitability by item, vendor, category, buyer, business unit or geography.

You can even use our “what if” decision support analysis to explore how potential changes in an allowance or item cost will impact profitability. Your team will be equipped to manage day-to-day and to make smarter, long-term strategic buying decisions based on a clear understanding of your true costs.

FirstStrike Buyer Scorecard DSA

Do you know how your buyers are performing? With our FirstStrike Buyer Scorecard, you can track how individual buyers, teams or entire departments measure up against your performance objectives. You will have the facts you need to inform training and development and to make well-informed staffing decisions that support profitability improvements.

The APEX Analytix Advantage

  • Leverage data you already have
  • Consolidate datasets across modules and source systems
  • Integrate external benchmarking data
  • Test practical business scenarios
  • Project outcomes and impacts
  • Decide future strategy and policy

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With FirstStrike, the Choice Is Yours

In addition to the Decision Support Application Suite, we offer other modules with the procure-to-pay controls and analytics you need to support your operations.

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Retail Audit: Conduct a self-audit of your retail operations to uncover errors and recapture losses closer to the transaction date. Learn More.

Leverage big data, cognitive analytics and what-if analysis to gain valuable business insights, predict business outcomes and drive bottom-line results.