FirstStrike® Consulting

Experience an improved return on your technology investment

Our team of highly skilled consultants can help you optimize your investment in APEX Analytix FirstStrike® – a technology used by companies around the globe to safeguard against overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for new insights, predict results, streamline supplier management – and more.

  • Bring Goals to Life. Do you want to improve visibility across your global financial systems? Reduce costs or risks? Streamline supplier interactions? Leverage cash?  We begin by determining your strategic business objectives and evaluating how you can use technology to transform your goals into actions.
  • Extend Your People Resources. We offer skilled personnel to complement your own internal team in key service areas, including configuration optimization, analysis, advanced operational techniques and process enablement.
  • Implement Seamlessly.  We help you plan and execute a successful FirstStrike deployment and surround you with the supporting resources you need – from project management to custom training and call-center support. We either load your new software on a dedicated server or host it for you in one of our secure data centers. We also set up all the routines used to extract and consolidate data for analysis.
  • Improve Your ROI. We help you achieve the maximum return on your FirstStrike investment and use technology to break through previous performance barriers. Real-world examples include:

100-fold increase in cash discounts captured

$1M in duplicate disbursements prevented in a single month

95% reduction in the number of payment terms used

  • Evaluate Your Successes. Our annual “value check” analysis tracks your progress against your objectives, assesses outcomes and ensures the proper FirstStrike processes and configurations are in place. You will have a precise analysis of the results your technology investment is delivering to your business.
  • Build on What You’ve Accomplished. We also offer targeted recommendations to help you build on your successes – using FirstStrike in new ways to add value to your operations on an ongoing basis.

Our experts can help you maximize returns from your FirstStrike® technology investment.