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Uncovering over 1,800 potential duplicate payments for a global defense systems provider, with over 100,000 employees and customers in more than 100 countries. Results include vendor conversation to self-service registration within 24 hours of portal introduction.
ERP platforms protected against precise duplicates as supplier payments were keyed. But costly mistakes still happened. Learn how this mobile provider looked for a more comprehensive layer of protection. Turning to APEX Analytix for continuous protection against accounts payable errors.
Download our infographic to see how you can derive maximum value from the procurement data you gather – from contracts and vendor registration files to invoices and payment details.
At the October 2014 CPO Exchange, APEX Analytix hosted workshops where procurement executives explored how to build business value by capturing negotiated savings, reducing supplier risk and improving supplier relations. One important theme: The right technologies and services are important enablers - helping teams to consolidate, analyze and manage information in new ways. Download our session summary to benefit from crowd-sourced key takeaways.
Simple and smart, APEX Analytix puts your focus back where it belongs—on growing your business. We’ll change the way you do business. Discover how some of the world’s largest companies are using new, standout features of the APEX Analytix FirstStrike Supplier Portal.
APEX Analytix was named finalist in the NC Tech Awards as an Industry Driven Company (providing a technology product or service to a specific industry and having made a notable impact to the betterment of that industry). The NC Tech Awards recognizes technology companies for innovation, excellence and growth. We are pleased to be recognized for this outstanding achievement. Winners to be announced at the NC Tech Awards Gala, held on November 6.
At the CDN 360 (IFO Canada) in Vancouver Jacqueline Jones, Client Software Delivery Manager, APEX Analytix co-presented with James Ferguson, Director of Sales, Regulatory Compliance Division, CSI Web. They focused on supplier business risk - achieving a comprehensive review with automation. They covered fraud statistics, the price of non-compliance, vendor risk analysis and top solution must-haves.
Download recommendations drawn from an APEX Analytix workshop for top corporate executives attending the 2014 "Shared Services Week Asia" in Singapore. Participants discussed common challenges and lessons learned as they've standardized business processes globally.

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