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Retail is a high-stakes arena, characterized by large transaction volumes and razor-thin margins. To add to the pressure, market complexities make it all too easy for profit-impacting problems to occur from missed scan allowances to pricing errors. Adopting the right tools and techniques can improve your approach to a retail recovery audit.
The APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Supplier Portal with access to the dynamic discounting module was recently enhanced with new features. Akhilesh Agarwal noted that the proprietary design of the FirstStrike® Dynamic Discounting application allows the solution to actually transform with the buyer organization on its growth journey. "Start simple, then grow into more advanced options. Start with advanced options...You decide, you change, you evolve, you get results." Akhilesh Agarwal, VP, Research & Development at APEX Analytix. Learn, what’s new, read the complete article on FirstStrike Supplier Portal featuring Dynamic Discounting from PR Web.
Supplier portals are a top technology initiative for many global shared services teams. Get the key takeaways from the SSOW crowdsourcing workshop.
If you are relying on your ERP payment platform to protect against duplicate payments and fraud, it is time for a reality check. Though it can be tempting to assume ERP controls are sufficient, the facts prove otherwise. Embrace best-in-class applications that shore up your ERP controls and help you eliminate duplicate payments, root out fraud and protect your bottom line. Download this white paper to learn more.

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